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Keyboard Instruments: Finding Books

General library resources for keyboard instruments


Find books by call number

If you would like to browse the stacks or the ROC for books about organs, pianos, or keyboard instruments in general try the following call numbers:

Keyboard Instruments

ML128.K5 Bibliographies

MT179 Instruction and study


ML128.O6 Bibliographies
ML550 General works
ML552-592 Construction
ML594 Organs by place
ML600-647 Organ music and organ playing

MT180-198 Organ techniques, instruction and study

Piano (including Harpsichord)

ML102.P5 Dictionaries
ML128.P3, ML132.P3 Bibliographies
ML397, ML417 Pianists biographies
ML652-692 Construction
ML700-747 Piano music and piano playing

MT220-252 Piano techiniques, instructions and study