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Keyboard Instruments: Finding Scores and Recordings

General library resources for keyboard instruments

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Find scores by call number

If you would like to browse the stacks in the Library or the ROC for scores, try the following call number ranges for organ, piano, and ensembles with one or more of either instrument:


Miscellaneous compositions
M7 Original compositions
M8 Sonatas
M8.5 Symphonies
M9 Suites
M10 Fugues
M11 Pieces
M12-13 Arrangements
M14.3 Liturgical music
M180-181 Organ duets
M182-186 Organ and one other instrument

Piano solo (including Harpsichord)

M21-22 General collections
M23 Sonatas
M24 Suites
M25 Pieces
M26 Piano, one hand
M27 Variations
M28 Marches
M30-32 Dances
M32.8-39 Arrangements and transcriptions

Chamber works with piano

M200-204 Piano, four hands
M207-212 Arrangements for piano, four hands
M214-216 Piano duets
M310-314 Piano trios
M411-412 Piano quartets
M510-514 Piano with string quartet

Larger ensemble works with piano solo

M1010 Piano with orchestra
M1011 Piano with orchestra (two piano reductions)
M1110 Piano with string orchestra
M1111 Piano with string orchestra (two piano reduction)