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Woodwinds: Finding Scores and Recordings

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Find scores by call number

If you would like to browse the stacks in the Library or the ROC for scores, try the following call number ranges:

For Solo Instrument

M60-64 Flute (including Alto, Bass, Contrabass)
M65-69 Oboe
M70-74 Clarinet (including Basset, Alto, Bass, Contrabass)
M75-79 Bassoon (including Contrabassoon)
M110.E5 English Horn
M110.P5 Piccolo

With Piano

M240-244 Flute
M245-247 Oboe
M248-252 Clarinet
M253-254 Bassoon
M270.E5 English Horn
M270.P45 Piccolo

Ensembles (with at least one wind instrument)

M288-289 Two wind instruments
M290-291 One wind and one string instrument
M296-297 One wind and one plucked instrument
M315-319 Two wind instruments and piano
M320-324 One wind, one string, and piano
M335-339 One wind, one plucked, and piano
M355-359 Wind trios
M357.2 Woodwind only trios
M360-364 Wind and string instrument trios
M375-379 Wind and plucked instrument trios
M380-384 Wind, string, and plucked instrument trios
M415-419 Piano and three wind instruments
M420-424 Piano and three wind and string instruments
M435-439 Piano and three wind and plucked instruments
M440-444 Piano and three wind, string, and plucked instruments
M455-459 Wind quartets
M457.2 Woodwind only quartets
M460-464 Wind and string instrument quartets
M475-479 Wind and plucked instrument quartets
M480-484 Wind, string, and plucked instrument quartets
M515-519 Four wind instruments and piano
M520-524 Four wind and string instruments and piano
M535-539 Four wind and plucked instruments and piano
M540-544 Four wind, string, and plucked instruments and piano
M555-559 Wind quintets
M557.2 Woodwind only quintets
M560-564 Wind and string instrument quintets
M575-579 Wind and plucked instrument quintets
M580-584 Wind, string, and plucked instrument quintets
M600-699 Sextets
M700-799 Septets
M800-899 Octets
M900-999 Nonets

With Orchestra

M1020 Flute
M1020.5 Cadenzas
M1021 Flute solos with piano
M1022 Oboe
M1022.5 Cadenzas
M1023 Oboe solos with piano
M1024 Clarinet
M1024.5 Cadenzas
M1025 Clarinet solos with piano
M1026 Bassoon
M1026.5 Cadenzas
M1027 Bassoon solos with piano
M1034.E5 English Horn
M1034.5.E5 Cadenzas
M1034.P5 Piccolo
1034.5.P5 Cadenzas
M1035.E5 English Horn solo with keyboard
M1035.P5 Piccolo solo with keyboard

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