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Citation Styles

Citation is an important aspect of research and scholarship.  Be sure to check with your professor to see which style you are required to use.

General information and overview (

Citation Styles:
Chicago/Turabian or in print in the Reference Room

Citation Builder:
NCSU Libraries citation builder

How do I cite ...?


If you are citing a book, check here.

If you are citing a journal article, check here.

If you are citing an electronic resource (a web page, an online journal, a blog, etc.), click here.

For some assignments, you may be required to use an item from the Library that isn't a book or journal.  If you are wondering, "How do I cite an image or sound recording?", you have come to the right place.  To use MLA style for your citations, find your type of source in this list of other common sources.  It includes formatting instructions for interviews, art, songs and albums, movies, television shows, and digital files just to name a few.

Copyright Resources

Copyright and Fair Use from Stanford University.

Best Practices from various organizations, often focusing on a discipline or format.

Copyright Term and the Public Domain a chart from Cornell to determine if a work is considered in the public domain.

A Map of Use Issues from the University of Minnesota is a guide to help you determine "Can I use it?"