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Musicians' Health and Wellness: Web Resources

A subject guide to musicians' health and wellness resources

Educational Systems/Processes

Feldenkrais Method
Alexander Technique
Body Mapping

Performing Arts Medicine

Performing Arts Medicine Associations

Performing Arts Special Interest Group of the Orthopaedic Section of the American Physical Therapy Association

Healthy Musicians and Injury Prevention

Musicians Health and the Chiropractic Performing Arts Network
An educational web site devoted to the understanding and the explanation of musician's injuries, along with guidelines regarding injury prevention, optimizing your musical performance, and for achieving an optimum state of health.  The Chiropractic Performing Arts Network is a volunteer organization of chiropractors who have an avid interest in working with performing artists.

Playing the Piano : Playing with Fire? - A Study of the Occupational Hazards of Piano Playing by Jonas Sen

Oh, My Aching Back! by Victor Sazer
Good seating techniques.

Voxcura: Voice Care Specialists
Resources for singers.

A website dedicated to free, expressive piano playing and the elimination of pianists' injuries by Thomas Carson Mark.

Well-Balanced Pianist
Information on musicianship, healthy piano technique, healthy mindset, bodywork and exercise, and piano pedagogy.

Tendonitis Problems of Musicians - Identification, Prevention, Treatment by Phil & Vision Williams

Musician's Nightmare
An article by Kate Montgomery detailing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in musicians with stretches and exercises for prevention and relief of symptoms.

Musicians with Dystonia
Information on dystonia and discussions.

The Bulletproof Musician
Overcoming performance anxiety and stage fright