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Curtis Institute of Music

John de Lancie Library

Rock Online Catalog

Voice and Opera: Finding songs in collections

First steps

Search the ROC by keyword for the song title.

  • While you won't find every single song title in the catalog, you will find a lot of them. When we catalog new song collections now, we catalog the contents of the collection, but that wasn't always the case.
  • We recommend you search by keyword - and try to use as few words as possible. Songs could be translated into different languages, or translated in different times with slightly different words, so using a minimum of keywords will likely be more successful than a very specific search.
  • If you're looking for a famous song cycle, for example, something like Winterreise, you might do a keyword or title search and find very few copies listed. That's because most of the copies we have are part of Composers' complete song collections. You can recognize complete song collections because they will have a hyperlinked title called "Songs."

Online song indexes

Print song indexes in the Curtis Library