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Curtis Institute of Music

John de Lancie Library

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Strings: Finding Books

Find books by call number

If you would like to browse the stacks or the ROC for books about bowed string instruments, try the following call numbers:

Bowed String Instruments

General works
ML755 Construction
ML756 Music and playing
MT259 Instruction and study


ML102.V4 Dictionaries
ML128.V4 Bibliographies
ML800 History, general works
ML802-846 Construction, maintenance, and repair
ML850-897 Music and playing

MT260-278 Techniques, instruction and study


ML128.V36 Bibliographies
ML900 History, general works
ML901 Construction, maintenance, and repair
ML905 Music and playing

MT280-298 Techniques, instruction and study


ML128.V7 Bibliographies
ML910 History, general works
ML911 Construction, maintenance, and repair
ML915 Music and playing

MT300-318 Techniques, instruction and study

Double Bass

ML128.D6 Bibliographies
ML920 History, general works
ML921 Construction, maintenance, and repair
ML925 Music and playing

MT320-334 Techniques, instruction and study