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James Joyce's Ulysses--Spring 2020: Internet Resources

Joyce Resources

A short bio of James Joyce's life from The James Joyce Center:

The Dedalus Library at the Museum of Literature Ireland:

Credo Reference has many short biographies of Joyce.

Audio-visual Resources

Joyce Images--A visual companion to the novel using images from the time

A photo series by Erich Hartmann of locations in Dublin mentioned in the novel, on Artstor

Frank Delaney's re: Joyce--A podcast in which author Frank Delaney reads and comments on the novel, line by line

Music in the Works of James Joyce--Songs in Joyce's work. You can also check out the CD from the Curtis Library.

A Walk Around James Joyce's Dublin--Description of a walking tour with photos and maps

A Google map of locations mentioned in Ulysses, from The James Joyce Center:

Ulysses Resources

An introduction to Ulysses--from the the British Library:

Ulysses Guide--An in-depth guide to the novel for a wide audience, by scholar Patrick Hastings:

The Joyce Project--A heavily annotated version of the entire novel:

An audiobook of the entire novel at the Internet Archive

A completely searchable text version of the novel from Project Gutenberg. Click CTRL-F to search.

Rosenbach Museum

The Rosenbach Museum is only a few blocks from Curtis, and it has a collection of materials related to Ulysses, which you can see for yourself:

A Concise Plot Summary of Ulysses from the Rosenbach:

You can also participate in a Bloomsday reading of Ulysses this summer!

Entry fee to the museum is only $5 for students. See their website for more information.