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All-School Project 2018-2019 : The Edge Effect: Home

What is the Edge Effect?

New environments, cultures, technologies, and other art forms have stimulated composers for centuries. According to Yo-Yo Ma, “The ‘edge effect’ is where those of varied backgrounds come together in a zone of transition; a region of less structure, more diversity and more possibility.” This site presents examples of these possibilities you can find in the Curtis Library.

Learn more about the Edge Effect All-School Project at Curtis.

Liberal Arts Chair Dr. Jeanne M. McGinn writes about this All-School Project here.

More on the Edge Effect

Yo-Yo Ma was the 2013 Harman-Eisner Artist in Residence at the Aspen Ideas Festival. He discusses the edge effect with Damian Woetzel, Aspen Institute Arts Program Director, in this excerpt from his talk, "Art for Life's Sake."

The Edge Effect: Thinking Outside the Box

Learn more about the edge effect via NPR's "Hidden Brain" podcast. (Read about the episode here.)